Giving Back

My Commitment

I feel incredibly fortunate to live in a place that I love and a world that is so connected. And I’m committed to the communities I’m a Part of.  I gladly contribute a percentage of every transaction back towards the constant improvement of our local and global communities.

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As a Monta Vista graduate and a parent of future Cupertino High School students, I’m proud to serve on the board of the FUHS Foundation.

The Foundation provides funding across the district’s five high schools: Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook and Monta Vista to ensure that all our students are offered a full range of opportunities. While government funding covers the basics, donations from parents and community enable supplemental programs that enhance our students’ educational experience — from STEM to applied arts and performing arts, to athletics and Robotics, plus college readiness programs.

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Nancy Ballard started Rooms That Rock For Chemo (RTR4C) after accidentally discovering the dark, drab, and lonely chemotheraphy rooms at her doctor's office in San Francisco. Now RTR4C mobilizes compassionate artists, designers, and volunteers to come in over a weekend and transform treatment rooms locally and globally. They create vibrant, beautiful spaces that encourage healing and hope for those affected by cancer. 

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As a rock climber, I gladly support the Access Fund in their efforts to maintain our climbing areas. Access Fund is a national advocacy organization that helps keep U.S. climbing areas open and safe. They also strive to minimize the environmental impact of of our sport. The vision is of a world where climbers are seen as stewards of the land versus "users" of the land by balancing the recreation and the environmental conservation, by respecting and honoring the places and policies where we climb.

Work With Kelly

I’ve got an eye for the fine print that helps keep my clients safe while making the process as transparent and efficient as possible. I’m in it with you and for you. I take my time to understand your specific real estate goals so that you can make sure you get the most out of your property.

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